Sunday, May 31, 2015

Music Videos Rock, And I'm Sad

For our amazing music video, we've put in a lot of work towards it. I've done a lot of editing, and filming. Justice has been in the actual video most of the time, being as swaggy as possible. Maceo has also been in the video a lot and has been swagging it up constantly. Lastly, Sophia has helped with the editing, and filmed a lot. We've all brought props such as sunglasses, vests, flamboyant coats, and disco pants.

I think that my audience will enjoy the humor factor of the whole thing, I mean it's pretty hilarious. Instead of having a blooper reel, the whole thing was basically a blooper. We had creative lip-syncs, an interesting plot line, and a good overall turn out. I think our audience will love the whole thing. Even though it's four minutes, it's a good four minutes.

I think our music video represents what we learned this school year a lot actually. Even though it might seem like it can be basic, we put in a lot of hard work and dedication to this project. We had to use our camera skills, getting good clear angles, and the editing skills were crucial.

Behind the scene photos of us messing around are the best kind

The last four were done by my outstandingly amazing friend Michael John Anderson, thanks, bro.

Through painful editing, and extremely fun filming, I'm going to have to say that this was one of the best projects we have ever done. Sadly, I am leaving to the high school too soon. I am going to miss this class, it made me who I am, this class is a part of me, and always will be. I'm sorry if you've seen me start tearing up because I don't want to leave morning announcements and GT but, Mr. Sandrel, thank you for the best class I could ever ask for, for three years. I hope the new students will love the class as much as I do.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Lyrical Livelihood

To be honest, I really don't know my favorite song.  I know my favorite band... But all of their songs are so amazing. When I listen to their music, it makes me feel like I can express everything I'm thinking by just playing their music, they help me to feel better and think better, and just be better in general. By the way, my favorite band is Twenty ├śne Pilots. They are a band that consists of techno style music with punk or emo influences on a lot of songs, that can really vary throughout any song that you may choose.

Justice, Maceo, Sophia, and I, are doing Stayin Alive by Bee Gees. We picked this song because it's basically the most funky amazing song ever. It's funny, catchy, and everyone knows it. Best song ever am I right? The song itself is one of the most danceable well known songs I've heard. 

For our visual stories in the video, we're planning or a lot of swag. Mostly ironic. It involves swag walking, swag dancing and the evil swag disciples. We join forces and have the ultimate swag to defeat the swag disciples. We have to dance and protect the swag. God, this is awesomely embarrassing. Not to spoil too much, but it's going to be pretty amazing. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Our Animation Story

For our animation project, we are dong the focus statement "Hannah Switches Schools." The theme of this project is to "Tell your story" and so we went with Hannah's story because she had the most interesting one. Portraying a story in animation can be difficult, but if you put enough effort and time into something like this, then it's definitely achievable. We had to use at least three animation typed, so we used whiteboard, stop motion, Stykz, and Photoshop.

The lesson we are hoping to get across the audience is that change isn't always so bad. Lots of people worry when they're moving or changing schools because they aren't sure of what the outcome would be like. In this story we would want to show that sometimes change can be for the better. Even when worry plagues your mind, you can come through and make it work.

In the process of making our animation, we did really well working as a team. We worked together, and made it happen. Our best moments were when we all were working on different scenes, and then stitching them together to make one big great animation. I think our worst moments as a team... Well we didnt really have any really bad moments. I think the worst was when Justice wasn't here, and none of us could do Stykz. In the end, we just replaced it with a photoshop scene. The only real trouble was that and finding more time in our video, we had to add on another scene to make the time cut.

The Anger Of Stykz

What the class thought of it

Animation Outakes

For our new project in GT, we weren't allowed to work with people in past projects. Of course that doesn't mean I haven't worked with all my friends so I'm still pretty happy. I'm working with Justice, Hannah, and Cherish. Apparently we have to name two facts about them. So I guess I'll start with Hannah, she plays soccer and is borderline obsessed with Dan and Phil on the youtube. Justice is a surfer and you can often see him photoshopping weird things on his computer. Then theres Cherish. Cherish is obsessed with anime and Japanese culture, she also spends almost as much time as me on the internet, which is almost concerning.

Stop motion animation is when you take multiple photos of an object and string them together to make the object move in a creative way. A .GIF (pronounced gi-if not jif), is a lossless format for image files that supports both animated and static images. So it's basically a really short clip of something that repeats.

In our story, we're doing the story of when Hannah moved from St. Catherine's to Kapaa Middle School. This story can show that change isn't always bad, and that you shouldn't let worry hold you back from making new experiences and meeting new people. People can use it as a way to relate when something of a big change happens. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Typography Images

Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language readable and beautiful. In our case, we're using photos and text, to make it look like the text makes up the photo. It can be used to make a lasting impact by sparking interest in the viewer. You can also make the words in the photo describe the person to make it more personal. Using intriguing words can really bring in the viewer and have them see why the words are used, or just look at what words make up the photo.

My biggest challenge in the project was probably following along or Mr. Sanderl when we were actually doing the typography because he went really fast when we were creating our practice typography. I overcame this issue by looking at our tutorial that he provided me with.  The issue was quickly solved by me looking closely at the tutorial, and following closely. Another, smaller issue I had, is when we had to create a layer mask, I couldn't figure out how to paste the photo on the mask. I mean, it was an ignorant mistake, but I realized that I just wasn't really doing the right command. After going over the tutorial closely, I fixed all my mistakes.

In class, we did three typography portraits. One was an innovator, someone that made something important, and I chose the creator of google. For my second typography portrait, I took a picture of Mrs. Sandrel. The last one was me. Each one got more complex then the first, making it more difficult but also improving the overall image amazingly. My favorite has to be the me one so far, I mean not to sound conceited but I think it's going pretty well. It represents me and what I like really well and while now it looks messy, once it's finished it will look more amazing then what it already looks like. 
Mrs. Sanderl
The Creator Of Google 


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Double Exposed Portraits

Portrait photography a person or group of people that displays the expression, personality, and mood of the subject. Like other types of portraits, the focus of the photograph is usually the person's face. In this case we are taking a photo of the side of the face. It can relate to profiling because with a portrait, the face can be turned sideways and it will still be considered a portrait, of course. It can relate to silhouetting by the similar properties it can have in the photo, like a person, and/or a face.

Double exposures are created in photoshop by first compiling your files in a stack, so they're all on top of each other. Next you can put your layers in order (face on top) and use the dodge tool to white out the background. After, you can put that layer into blend mode so the background images stand out. You can also make adjustments on the layers on make your background images stand out on the silhouette of your/someone's face.  You can really make it pop by adjusting the blend mode and adding layer adjustments. I like making these, and you'd want to make one because they turn out amazing and look like artwork. I personally added three adjustment layers to make it really stand out, and have the photos blend together well.

For my multi exposure, I used books, the ocean, and converse (shoes). The requirement was two symbolic photos , but of course I had to use three. The books represent my love for reading, knowledge and how I love learning new things. The second image is the ocean and rocks. After school everyday, my friends and I walk down to the local library and sit where I took that picture, so it holds some sentimental value. It also ties in with my last photo, which is Leila's and I's converse, representing friendship. My quality can be improved upon by making it more clear in general.

Monday, February 9, 2015

HDR Photography

HDR stands for High-Dynamic-Range photography. HDR photography is when the camera captures the image you want in multiple exposure levels (how bright that is). Then, manually, or using a program, you can put the photos together to make a photo that has the darks and the lights that make it more appealing to the eye. I really like HDR photography because it makes beautiful images so much better. You could take a normal photo and some places could be over exposed or completely under exposed, but with a HDR it balances everything out in a photo.

If you want to make a HDR photo step by step, you manually make the image better with adjusting the exposure, the colors, and everything else to make it a better image with your own touch. It is completely different from automatic HDR images, in the way that you don't have as much of a personal touch to it. With the manual you can make it surrealistic or have different colors stand out, but with the automatic, it just makes it a better picture in general.

While I was making my HDR images, I really thought about how I could make it the best I ever could, even surrealistic. I wanted something that stood out, and that didn't look like everything else. I wanted my images to be original with my personal touch. With my landscape photo, I wanted something bright and colorful, so I upped the exposure and the saturation, making the colors stand out. With my "experiment" (a photo of a person) I wanted more of a darker feeling towards it, a feeling that made people think about what was happening. After I finished both of those images, I compiled them into one, and put my subject into my landscape photo. To make it have a... How would you say... A feeling that everything came together correctly. I brightened my subject up quite a bit and then added some warmth, to make it fit better to the background. Thus creating one image with both of my HDR images in it.